Development and Manufacturing of Microfluidic Biochips

  • 1. Custom Microfluidics Design and Simulation
    • Design of active and passive microfluidic components:  Active microfluidic devices driven by various powers, such as micropumps, micromixers, microfilters and etc.  Design of passive microfluidic devices, such as optimization of microfluidic channels, digital microfluidics, and etc.
    • Simulation and optimization of Microfluidics: Pressure/Electrical/Magnetic flow; multiphase flow; fluid-solid coupling; Molecular flow; Thermal; Surface characteristics and etc.
    • Specific microfluidic biochip design:  Design of microfluidic chips for the applications in biochemical analysis, immunoassays, molecular diagnostics, blood pretreatment and fractionation, cell culture, molecular sorting and screening, electrophoresis and etc.

  • 2. Advanced Multilayer Stacked Chip Fabrication
    • Ultra-thin multilayer microfluidic chip process:  Custom design of multilayer chip structure and fabrication process for providing smaller, thinner, and cost effective
    • Integrated microfluidic chips with heterogeneous materials: Based on customer’s requirements, we will integrate materials such as PDMS, glass, plastics, metals, and our unique polymer thin films into one multilayer stacked chip to achieve highest performance.
    • Modification of surface characteristics:  short term hydrophobic/hydrophilic modifications, Long term hydrophobic/hydrophilic modifications, and hybrid microfluidic channels.